Rules and regulations of the proctored online exam

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Below are the mandatory Terms and Conditions for use of the remote exam proctoring service on the FUN website :


1/ I checked my computer equipment (camera, microphone, flash update and operating system) and my internet connection and made sure it complies with the online test proctoring requirements.


2/ I want to take an exam to earn a verified certificate for my MOOC.


3/ I am able to take my online exam during the dates set up by the course team.


4/ I will fully abide by the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the secure online proctoring service:


Participating to the secure online test, you acknowledge having been informed that:


  • The proctored online exam is carried out by ProctorU, the American company with which the GIP FUN-MOOC signed a service contract;
  • That you fully agree with providing the following information to ProctorU: first name, last name, a valid email address, username, password, phone number, city and country of residence, timezone, ID card number and you also agree with your picture being taken online at the beginning of the exam session.
  • The company ProctorU will ask you to install a surveillance software on your computer (this software can be neither installed nor activated without your express consent);
  • The company ProctorU will check your identity and the overall work environment where your computer is located (see the candidate guide);
  • The company ProctorU can, only during the exam, have access to your computer. That is to say : take the control of your keyboard and your mouse; see your screen; activate your camera and your microphone;
  • The data collected during the test will be stored in the company ProctorU server outside the European area. As part of the contract signed with the GIP FUN-MOOC, ProctorU is committed to protect the data provided and destroy it after one year.


5/ I recognize having been informed of the exam regulations:


The present regulations define the conditions of the exam towards the certificate achievement of an online course, MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) on the FUN platform. These regulations are established by the GIP FUN-MOOC, responsible of the FUN platform.

Enrollment in a MOOC is free of charge. The student is responsible for signing up on the FUN platform. This registration does not check the student’s identity. A certificate of achievement to the course will be issued by the GIP FUN-MOOC according to the exam conditions established at the beginning of the course by the teaching staff. This attendant certificate is free and the evaluation is online. The GIP FUN-MOOC also propose the possibility of getting a verified certificate for a course, signing up to a proctored online exam. When the teaching staff of a MOOC decides to integrate a verified certificate, they create a section in the course dedicated for this proctored online exam, often entitled “certificate”/ “proctored exam”. This section not only precises the dates and the modalities of this exam, but also the  certificate achievement conditions. It is through this section that the student signs up to the exam.


A- Registration conditions to a MOOC proctored online exam


Each student signs up online and provides all the elements specified in the registration procedure. The exam registration is nominal and non transferable, and it is only valid for a single MOOC. There is a charge for signing up to an exam, the payment has to be done at least 15 working days (3 weeks in real time) before the exam begins. The registration fees are defined according to the MOOC and the exam concerned. They must be paid by credit card, by clicking on a green button “S’inscrire pour passer une certification” accessible from the student dashboard. Once the payment is done, the student chooses among the time slots available, a convenient day and hour to take the exam.

You must schedule your appointment at least 72 hours before the time slot you selected. Any incomplete application or the non-payment of the enrollment fees at the registration deadline will automatically cancel your registration. No registration will be accepted after this deadline. No enrollment deferral to an exam will be authorized.

The name that appears on the certificate is the one you filled in the FUN profile username. It is important to check before beginning the certificate enrollment procedure, in order to make sure that the right name will appear on your certificate. If there is an error, generating another certificate will not be possible.


Any fraud or falsification of the control documents will invalidate your registration and no refund of the fees paid will be provided.


B - Conditions of validation and the certificate achievement


The certificate modalities and achievement conditions described on the section “certificate” / “proctor exam” represent part of the regulations in complement to this document. These conditions mention the duration of the proctored exam, the possible documents and materials authorized during the exam and the certificate achievement conditions.

  • Online exam proctoring

The online exam is proctored. The video recorded, as well as the ID card and the student’s picture will be archived for a period of 6 weeks before being destroyed. Once the exam is done, the proctor writes a report which will be available for the teaching staff. Any fraud or fraud attempt will be particularly listed on this report. In case of any suspicion of cheating, the video, the ID card and the student’s picture could be used to confirm or deny this fact.


  • Certificate achievement conditions:

The certificate achievement conditions are defined by the teaching staff, they decide the minimal success threshold required for the proctored exam and the documents and materials authorized during the exam (possibly none).

The student gets the certificate if he complies with the achievement conditions defined by the teaching staff and if he has not been caught cheating during the proctored exam.


  • Certificate granting

The MOOC certificate is accessible on the student dashboard a few days after the exam deadline.


C- Exam proctoring


The proctored exam is organized in a limited period of time. The student could only use the documents and materials authorized by the teaching staff.

At the beginning of the exam, the student must show an ID card with a picture among the following documents:


  • French ID card or a valid alien ID card
  • French passport or a valid alien passport
  • French driving licence or a foreign driving licence
  • A valid temporary residence card, a valid residence card or an european resident permit
  • If you don’t have any of the cards previously mentioned, the following cards may exceptionally be accepted: a valid student card with a picture or a valid library card with a picture.


The student who does not have one of these cards will not be able to take the exam. During the exam, the student has to be alone in the room; he/she has to show the ID card to the proctor via webcam. Nobody is authorized to enter the room from the beginning until the end of the exam. The student is not authorized to leave the room during the exam.

In the end of the online exam, the student has to imperatively and immediately stop the exam and commit himself/herself not to try to access the exam again. Otherwise, his/her exam will not be graded. The student commits himself/herself not to make a digital copy of the questions of the exam (file copy, screenshot…), not to share the elements related to the content of the exam through any communication means, until the publication of the results.


If no documents or materials are authorized during an exam, the student has to demonstrate that his/her desk is empty.

The student’s computer is under the control of the proctor during the exam. All the electronic devices, such as: cell phones, tablets, cameras, etc., have to be turned off and away from the student’s desk.

The GIP FUN-MOOC implements the organization and logistics of the proctored exams together with the organizing body.

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